Vehicles respawn automatically when i drive them

Hello first, please excuse me for my English [google translate]
if I come to despair on this forum is that I have a problem with the spawn of vehicle in editor mode let me explain my problem:
I was quietly creating my map unturned and I decided to put spawn of the vehicle until all is well but from the moment I want to try my map the vehicle spawn well I can go in and roll the only problem c is that as soon as I move a little forward or backward and get out of the spawn zone of the vehicle it respawn automatically in one second! [I specify that I did not touch the advanced parameters of the map and that the parameters are all by default] I search everywhere on all forums and no answer to my problem … I hope that someone one will be able to answer me.
thank you beforehand!

WOW! you should tell nelson, maybe he will give you the crimson beret!!!


Thanks for the reply but sorry I can not see the rapport between the crimson beret and my problem :confused:

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