Vehicles that don't stop if you drive them into shallow water

Seriously, I drove a car into shallow water and it stopped working.

How about certain offroad-based vehicles like the Offroader, quad, and rover can withstand low water but others don’t.

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Of course. It’s only logical that a vehicle designed after a jeep would be able to drive through 3-ft still water with ease.

Then quads, offroaders and most part of the military vehicles should be like that. And obviously the dump truck.

Yeah, non-amphibious vehicles always seem to die when they come in contact with the smallest bit of water. A set delay in the vehicle config.dat would be good. X amount of seconds before vehicles stop functioning while submerged, or 0 for infinite time in water.


The APC can be driven and floats on water FYI

FYI you just necroed a 7 months old thread, don’t do that again since it’s not the first time that you did that.

Anyways, what part of “military vehicles” don’t you understand ?

I really have to ask, whats the problem with posting your thoughts on older threads.