Vehicular Manslaughter

Unturned has a major problem with vehicles, specifically with the fact that players can build on them.

Some people find a vehicle, which isn’t particularly hard, then, they fully encase the vehicle with a combination of large and small plates (both metal and wood work) and attach 10 meters of either barbed wire or wooden spikes on both the left and right side of the vehicle.
The end result? Something that is dubbed in the community as a “Cancer car”, an unstoppable and impenetrable behemoth that drives around and sweeps up absolutely everything in it’s way! It can go through walls, meaning that it can kill players while they are in their base, or when they’re in a building, it can kill players on different altitudes and it’s fast, so you can’t outrun it, unless you yourself have a vehicle. And this is all for the cheap cheap price of around 100 scrap (which you can get very easily by mining or scrapping everything you come across for around 20 minutes), or wood (which is everywhere)

This is a major problem in PvP vanilla survival. Every server I go to, there are atleast 2 or 3 per server. First of all, the only way to destroy them is by using a Rocket Launcher (which is EXTREMELY RARE, and you would have to be risking it), charges (only works if they’re standing still for a good minute or so, never happens, and even then you’ll need like 3) or using an LMG to shoot it down (yeah, good luck, it would need to stand still for a good 2 minutes, because you’d have to specifically shoot down one plate which takes about 30 bullets, and then there’s an unknown more amount of plates until you get to the vehicle itself)

Nobody runs around with raiding gear on them, unless the person is SPECIFICALLY hunting for a Cancer car, and even then, you need to get a hunting party of about 3-4 people to even have a hope of destroying it, since you’d have to be careful to not get killed by the ridiculous car and it’s 20 meter wall of spikes, but you’d also be fighting the guys inside the car, and you’d have to make the car stop moving somehow. All very hard things. And you’d also have to risk losing raiding supplies, be it the legendary Rocket Launcher or charges.

And even when you destroy the car, so what? The person who was abusing this can simply go get another vehicle, build it up since all it takes are very cheap and common materials, and he’ll be rolling around once again.

This is a major problem for any fresh-spawns on the server, since they will have absolutely no way to defend themselves, so the cars can simply roll around down south in Russia for example, and farm them.

There are multiple things that enable this. First of all, building on vehicles obviously. Then, third person, which allows you to see your vehicle and drive even if you’ve completely boarded up the car. And you don’t have to have third person, since it’s possible to just simply place a locker, for example, in the window, and you’ll be able to see through it, while also being protected at the same time!

I’ve experienced all of this. I have been killed down south in Russia while getting loot by a Cancer car that I had no way of protecting myself against. I have been killed through walls and while sitting in my base. I have destroyed Cancer cars and briefly used one. And I can tell you that the name is well deserved. Every server that I go to seems to have at least 2-3 of these riding around killing the server, and also reducing the population, since nobody wants to deal with that stuff. The worst part is how easy it is to make and abuse one, and the fact that defending against one basically means don’t walk on plain land ever, and even then you’re not even remotely safe. And considering the fact that a player HAS to loot and walk on plain land to play the game, get any loot and survive, this is just ridiculous.

P.S I don’t know or care if this is an original topic or not, because this is a serious issue that is plaguing vanilla servers.

P.P.S Oh, and I forgot to mention this in the original post, but the person abusing the car NEVER has to leave the car in order to pick up the loot from the people they killed.

And whenever they exit the server, they leave their cars in well fortified garages, that are hard to crack.


Barbed wire really needs a collision because that’s what’s abused.

That would fix one of the problems that this has. However, the fact that a car can get plated up in any way to make it invulnerable would still remain.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this in the original post, but the person abusing the car NEVER has to leave the car in order to pick up the loot from the people they killed.

And whenever they exit the server, they leave their cars in well fortified garages, that are hard to crack.

I’ll probably go post this on the Steam forums as well.

Also repairing vehicles from inside is a bad thing.

I think vehicles should have limits on how many things they can put onto that vehicle. (Because let’s be honest. The “more objects, less stability” clearly isn’t enough for those cuckholes. specific trolls You need protogent)

Sure, it doesn’t completely solved the problem. But it should sooth the trouble.

And some random jerky will just say something like “hey we already suggest this.”

They should add a basic weight system for vehicles, disallow attaching barbed wire fences to vehicles and give items collisions on vehicles.

I am guilty of doing this.

but a worse variant

I believe I have a pretty simple solution for this in 3.0 - if Nelson could code it.

Encasing and barbing vehicles to said crazy amounts often requires the offender to build plates off of several other plates rather than the vehicle itself. Therefore, if there was a physical restriction that would not allow you to build off of other placed barricades attached to vehicles, most of the problem would be solved. The barricade would have to be directly attached to the vehicle to be placeable.

I can see sensible exceptions for this rule such as simply stacking crates on the back of a delivery truck, or building off of a makeshift vehicle (which was its intended use) but this rule would definitely cut down on cancer cars, or at least reduce them to a more reasonable point.

Perhaps make this a configurable setting, but it should be on by default in Normal and up.

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