Very low volume on PC

I’m experiencing Very very low sound. I can hear my friends on Discord and i can hear sound in every other game. On Windows (Speaker in the taskbar) Is saying NOT muted and 100%. If i go to the “control panel for sound” only my headset is not disabled. Only my Separated Microphone isn’t disabled. I do not have a Bluetooth headset. In Communication I’ve said “do nothing”. Ingame sound is set to 100%. I have reinstalled the game and veryfied gamefiles. I’ve altso tryed to Restore default settings.

Headset: Razer ManO’War 7.1. Razer-synapse 3 and Razer-synapse 2 are installed

To be clear i can head a bit of noise. When people are shooting right next to me i can hear it on very low volume.

I do not have any other solutions please help.


I’ve found the solution as i was providing information to this post!

Razer-Synapse 2 got their own Mixer but Synapse 3 dont!

The mixer is very buggy and have Cached ONLY unturned and cached it with volume 2%.

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