View hitbox


It’d be nice if there was something like an option to display hitboxes in-game in order to help with creating mods. Sometimes you can mess a hitbox up and not realize it until quite some time later.


it would be nice


How would that help


For example when creating vehicles it’d be much easier to create an optimal hitbox for your vehicle this way.


let it be like the minecraft debug menu for admins/singleplayer. You just click a button combo and boom all the hitboxes are visible.

Speaking of minecraft there is a lot of things in the debug menu that would be useful in unturned like ram usage, coordinates, time of day, and maybe even computer specs.


it lets you see the hitbox ingame? How is that not useful? I don’t wanna check unity for everything and it would be nice to see how it interacts with the world, like if my item is getting stuck I can see which part of the hitbox needs adjustment without just guessing.


All the yes on this suggestion.