Vintage is in the game :D


Took a bit of time but I finally figured out how to get models into the game , i figured it out without any guides or tutorials .

The Vintage is in the game , I was planing on using it on a map im making and was suppost to be a higher poly version of the Roadster .After reading ur comments i plan on redoing this model to make it match up better with the low poly theme and fix a few normal errors that were causing shading errors.

(Solved)-However I have run into a problem , there is no sound . I have set the audio in Unity but there is no sound in game . No Ignition and no engine noise. Please leave any advice u have down below , it is greatly appreciated . -

Thank you for reading , have a great day :smile:


The images of it in-game aren’t that useful. Can you please provide images of it in Unity instead?


Thanks for the reply , i Was able to figure the audio out :grin:


looks ok I guess, though the areas where the A pillars are seem really thin, as well as the other pillars behind the doors, which make it seem sort of eh. other than that it looks ok


Im going to remake the model and make them thicker.