Visible recoil

Instead of having the just go up when shooting it, we could mix it with a shooting animation to give it a feeling of power. So when you shoot an assault rifle, the gun goes up, and wobbles a bit. And with a deagle, your arms go up, wobble, and when coming down it wobbles. It’ll be like the upcoming game call of duty modern warfare. Also please add smoke to the muzzle flash of the guns.


also yeah the recoil in general just feels really stiff right now. i get it’s super early, but jeez.


A lot of work went into Modern Warfare’s animations from people who get paid to do nothing but spend time perfecting those animations. Nelson Sexton is being a jack of all trades, but a master of none, and personally I’m glad he’s spending more time on core features instead of polishing off the aesthetics of the few features we have to the point that they could be compared to a longstanding, well-known, well-funded, and well-staffed franchise like Call of Duty.

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I actually prefer the U3 style of recoil. It’s one of the main reasons I play unturned. The recoil is managable with skill and by knowing the patterns. Kinda like in CSGO. I don’t want random wobbles and animations, as this makes my bullets shoot randomly instead of predictibly, but with recoil. The current style of recoil is hard in the beginning, but you can progress in shooting because you can learn the patterns. With random wobbles and animations I feel like you can’t really progress in shooting skill

I believe the post is only asking for more visible recoil on the gun itself. I.E. recoil that does not actually affect the spray of the gun or where the bullets go, just the way the gun appears to move in the viewmodel when shooting (instead of just straight up, also jiggling a bit when firing in automatic, etc.)


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