Vision-affecting clothing

Clothing items such as sunglasses and certain hats could affect the player’s vision positively. Sunglasses would apply a slight tint to the player’s vision and reduce bloom, light reflections, slightly reduce light from flashlights, and reduce HDR. Certain hats, like Caps and Panamas, could sharpen the view of the player while reducing HDR effects, if added.

PS. Some of the larger hats, like cowboy or straw hats, could reduce water consumption.


Hmmm not too much of it otherwise it will get rediculous i think there should also be an option to turn it off for all or certain items

Hats sharpening your view is a little silly but things like glasses or goggles sound good. Could also have camel packs for thirst and the like.

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I would actually like to be able to see your hat in first person xd, and no goggles making it harder to see other than a circle xd.

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Perhaps stronger helmets could actually restrict your vision as well? Perhaps some kind of Riot helmet or EOD helmet would offer more protection at the cost of slowing you down (assuming you’re wearing a full set which would slow you down quite a bit), as well as lowering your view.




That man can hardly see

You don’t need to see.

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Hmm… Okay.

*What is this, communism?

You don’t need to see in order to just spray glorious 7.62x54mmR cartridges everywhere.


Oooh! I have 200 of those! 120 Steel cased live rounds and 80 copper-washed-case blanks. /off topic

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