Vote on not having this map New york

OK if you are say new york is too big nelson computer can’t handle it ok anything is possible but i think we should take a community vote on whether or not we should have new york. Really because nelson has or map creator have done bigger map the reason for not having this map it because i think it will happen end up like canada remember when they remove it. Well i think new york would be very big to the point where it going to be crazy. I just don’t want it here because it going to have some complaint about the map and so should we or should we not have new york as map.

A NYC map could be cool, only problem is that while NYC is pretty big, it would not only fry low end computers, but it wouldn’t really be too big in the game’s standards.

cough 9/11 roleplay cough

i don’t know what vote you’re talking about but now i’m voting exclusively for a new york map

First of all… what? Nelson never said he was making a New York map… second of all if he does it won’t be for a long time. Germany like just came out…

Came on 9/11 was bad but he can’t make the city and town from 2001.

there is always a map every 3 major updates if i remember correctly so it wont be that far away

if his computer cant handle large map making, he wouldn’t be able to make a game on his computer. That’s just my thoughts, I’m not a game dev expert :3