Vr Advice?


Should I save up for the Oculus, or something else?

Also, could people tell me the computer specs required to run vr games properly?
Thanks yall,


It’s alot of preference. if you want some interactive finger play :wink: :wink: then go with the Oculus. If you want something affordable, go PSVR. If you want something very high quality but expensive, go Vive.


Any quad core cpu from the last decade should be fine, however the more cores the better. Gpu wise, anything above a GTX 1060 3gb/ Rx 570 should be perfectly capable for VR. Nvidia, on their RTX card, are also starting to put in a port called the VR Link or something like that, basically a glorified USB-C port that handles VR better, so if you want that you gotta go with a RTX card


alright thanks guys


justa quickie, does vive and oculus have body trackers? or are those separate. Just curious.

edit: Looks like you can buy some for vive… Hmmmmm

Unless those all just come with it, but you can also buy them separate.


pretty sure the basic vive comes with two stations to position around your room


alright thanks

Ill just save up maybe around 700 dollars in the next couple of months… or years, and see what I can buy/.

Bah… I hope thisll be worth it.

Thanks guys.


can I have it if you don´t want it anymore c: lol


you could get a windows mixed reality headset, they are cheap, have decent tracking, has better resolution than the vive and works with 100% of steam games, yet nobody knows about them


this one is arguably the best one and is on sale for 300$, there is no full body tracking though but very few games actually use full body tracking


I have the Oculus, and I’m really pleased with it. You could technically say that my pc isn’t exactly “VR ready”, I’m rocking a GTX 760 and i5-2400 but games run just fine, and there are no noticeable fps drops or lag with tracking.

The Vive looks interesting, but for the price difference, I have no idea if it’s worth it. Oh yeah, also Oculus is compatible with Steam VR and Vive is compatible with Oculus Home (with some mods). Don’t worry about “exclusives”, there are many ways to get around that.

For me, the Oculus is an excellent choice, and seems equal if not better in some places to the Vive.

Btw, PSVR is really gay, don’t buy it! Its resolution is 1080p, now imagine that mere inches away from your face, compared to the res you get from Oculus or Vive


Yeah Ive decided to change my mind and go with oculus, as a strike of laziness has hit me.

thanks again guys.


Download the steamVR checker, it will tell you if you can handle steamVR shit or not. Thats usually a good point of reference.

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