Want to try and help reduce the number of advertisements on the Unturned Wikia?

No specific details or plans yet from me. However, I feel that one of the best ways to handle this would be to have the script primarily composed based on suggestions from respected community members and Unturned YouTubers, with editing for factual information and relevancy by the wiki community.

However, since I personally have no specific plans or direction for any videos yet, the subject matter for a video (or videos) is currently up in the air.

Not going to @ anyone in particular (at least, not right now), but feel free to share it around to your fellow community members through Steam or Discord!


To clarify for some people who have asked:

  • These videos are ultimately published by FANDOM, and are known as featured videos. These videos help cut down on the sheer amount of advertisements on the wiki.
  • Yes, this is the same featured video project that received a ton of negative reception from communities that had been experimented on with it in the past. However, recent changes to their system should hopefully make the videos better!
  • The Unturned wiki is already eligible for this, as we have always been a part of the top wiki communities under FANDOM.
  • A lot of other useful information is available here: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Featured_Videos

There are several ways a featured video may be created.

  1. Voice-over videos. These videos have visual content in the form of video footage and/or still images, and that is overlaid with a voice-over that is spoken by a FANDOM narrator.
  2. On-screen text videos. These have video footage and/or still images, but rather than a voice-over there is text overlaid on-screen.
  3. Partner videos. These videos are not created by FANDOM, but are used as part of a licensing agreement with a YouTuber.
  4. Official videos or trailers. These are official reference videos being used.

The script for a voice-over video or on-screen video can be created solely by FANDOM, mostly by FANDOM with feedback from a select community representative, or primarily by the community (the official submission is sent by a staff member) with some finalization by FANDOM.

I cannot directly link to all the videos, so I will leave links to articles that have some. These videos may range from newer to older, so you can get a full idea on how the system has progressed and how it functions.

Personally, I think that a featured video for a specific map would be one of the better options. Any thoughts on that, or the rest of this?