Was aim practising server a bad idea?

So… I made a aim practising server recently and i’m wondering if that was a stupid/pointless idea or something good. The server is like creative but with addition of functions you wouldn’t have in creative so i’m wondering if it makes any sense to have it? :thinking:

if you are wondering what server is it, search for “Shooting Range”, that should make it pop up

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aimlab but it’s unturned

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how many players allowed on the server

wait a minute

this is a genuinely good idea

we actually need this
aimlab in unturned
do it

ok so i gave this server a shot and these are my findings:

so u added a command for night and day which is cool cus like some ppl prefer certain things but like if >1 person joins the server there might be some conflicting conflicts between some wanting day and others preffering night, resulting in rapid flashing akin to a server-wide rave. my suggestion is make the like day/night cycle be static (there’s a command for that i cant remember what it is doe) and just make the time be noon or smth

there are a few config options that would help out this server immensly, such as disablign annoying stuff like breaking bones, uhhh no yeah thats about it

the zombo’s on this map appear really non-sentient like they move sometimes but like by two steps and i walk up to them and they are just unphased by my presence. idk why this is but my suspicion is a lack of navmesh(or the current nav is too small?) unless it was a deliberate decision to make the zombo’s static? in that case i dont understand the use of zombies as their whole thing is being dynamic n stuff, at this point they can just be replaced with like the shooting target object thing.

alright and also on the topic of map issues, there appears to be no actual way to get back to the actual shooty area if you fall off the side other than suicide (and we don’t want to be encouraging that) altho i guess its fine since u keep all ur items but yeah. also kind of a minor thing but grass is growing through the green containers that make up this map but nobody cares since no sentient human being plays with grass. also a little suggestion is to maybe use a different color for the walls so the zombos stand out more cause they tend to blend into the green containers but idk if u made this map or if its a random workshop creation so all of these things could not be your fault and if that is the case, i sencierly apolagise.

also the fence here is floating pls fix

and now, the biggest flaw i find with this server is it dosen’t really have any advantages over a singleplayer world, which is just more conveniant. it has no cooldowns or limits on spawning items (these limits are rarely a problem on the server but the point is that they do exist) and also no delay from ping or network lag idk any other big words to describe this. what i’d like to see is maybe some like statistics that track maybe your accuracy, headshot percentage, misses, total ammo used, etc. having stats would also encourage competition between players and then u can be like haha noob i killed 500000 zombo’s and u only killed 3 u r noob haha. u can also go further with this idea by maybe having seperate statistics for the current session and like all ur sessions combined this way u can see if u are improving or not.

tldr - the server, while it does have a good idea, dosent take full advantage of being a server. it is more conveniant to just load up the map in singleplayer n do stuff that way. the map also has a few bugs but like if u wanna hear more about those just scroll up


ok but to be honest thats kind of mean dont call people noob

what is aimlab?

Sorry man, my bad. I will learn from this mistake.


In short, it’s sort of an aim trainer for FPS games.
Kind of like target practice, but it covers a wide range of game types like COD-style shooters, CS:GO, and maybe even DOOM if I remember correctly.
So, basically just UII shooting range but more advanced.

EDIT: Also there’s nothing for unturned

Tonks for feedback

Server was intentionally made to have boring zombies so they didnt go in places where they are unreachable.
I forgot to set cycle to large number so sun wouldn’t move without without player’s commands
/day & /night commands both have min cooldown to not spas out the server and not give an epileptic attack to players in case you didn’t notice… I don’t know how I would make it so people would have to vote or something to set day and night so I just went frick it and gave them the command to battle over it, people can come to an agreement if they cared anyways
Map I didn’t make so I couldn’t change it and reupload it to steam ws
If people got stuck or wanted to go to there friends, I gave /tp command with cooldown of 30 sec so you can for example do /tp aim practice if you got stuck as thats a place on the map

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