Wasting time with inventory

I have a few, and hopefully simple to implement, ideas that I think we all miss from the Unturned’s inventory system.

Button to move all items of the same type between inventory / storage / ground.

Moving items all by once by first marking them. Instead of clicking individually.

Lastly, In my opinion the whole crafting / inventory system could be optimized.
Right now, it takes too much scrolling because of the enormous space each recepie takes up.
Same with inventory; storage of backpack/clothing could be next to each other, instead of below, there is just too much screen space wasted.

What other ideas do you guys have that could help this part of the game?

Right now, it’s to time consuming.

Disclaimer: I have no experience with game design, the above are just my thoughts.


A ‘move all’ button would indeed be amazing


I think being able to hold ‘pickup’ button or something of that sort to scoop up your items could be great, picking yourself up after a death on /tpa servers takes such a long time and exposes the weakness of inventory system and how much it takes to loot yourself. We already have ‘nearby’ system that serves as a precise option to pick up specific items, the alternative of it (being out of inventory system and looting) could be faster/allow picking up multiple items at a time.


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