Since Nelson recently added a clock and the compass, I have a small suggestion.
What this would essentially do is show the digital in-game time in your HUD.
Recipe would be Clock + (2x)Leather = Watch
Nothing else, really.


Plus I am new. Just migrated from to here.
Hi guys! I am the resident communist in several servers and games, as well as wikis and forums.
Pleasure to meet you!

That certainly would be nice to have!

Eh…I mean you don’t really need to know the time on a digital watch when you can just look at the position of the sun/moon. I mean it’s not really that hard since every second is an in-game minute.

You could probably use it as a makeshift timer.

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What about using the watch to make a time bomb, instead of having to activate it manually with a detonator.

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That’s just a sticky grenade then, unless you can manually set specific times. I’m not sure why you would though.

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CSGO Bomb planting intensifies

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i’ll be cool

yeah making time bomb(put the bomb create a timer (explode in 30S(in real liffe) by exemple)and let it same think for dismoce(deactivate the bomb)whith a tool.i’ll be cool

That sounds like CS:GO :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Deal damage based on distance away, ignoring walls. :wink:

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yeah it is but it still a good you think?

honestly, cmon guys, focus on making the game survival again and less boom boom and pew pew

looking back at previous posts :thinking:

Just want to clarify:

Meant like a stopwatch that doesn’t stop. I think people may have read it as a bomb timer, considering how the posts start changing to ideas for usage in crafting. :thinking:

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