Wave One

I smashed my previous laptop.

I don’t care who you smashed, this is a child friendly forum /s


Stop this now or I’ll ruin your @Harvest.
Two can play at that game.

You’re going to nationalize his farming grounds ?

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We must get rid of farming grounds from all over the world.

I agree we must destroy the farming ground all over the world we don’t need useless plants the exchange CO2 into O2 or vegetables and fruits they occupy the land that we can use for oil fields or other stuff that make our life more retarded.


Did I hear oil?


why am I here


No, you didn’t.
That was the western enemy.

Yes you did

I’m not talking about a lazziez-faire (however you spell it) level of contribution, but some community support would be very helpful.

That doesn’t tell me why this would be useful/helpful. You’re just saying that it is, rather than actually explaining why you think that.

EDIT: I also don’t know what you’re counting as “community support” either.

Think about it; working on a video game by yourself can be incredibly stressful and could take a toll on you. If Nelson at least decides to reach out to certain members of the community, then not only will the development of Unturned 2 speed up, but that means more people working together to achieve a common goal.

When is wave two? And do we have to apply for it? Or is it just random?

Many questions, no answers.

It’s been 4 years and I haven’t seen him complaining about it. He’s a hobbyist game developer after all. The only time he gets stressed is when multi people put him down.

Already been stated that he works alone. He already gets ‘community support’ through feedback and ideas since the day this forum is created, which is further boosted by vehicle demo owners


Why would it speed up when Nelson is taking his time to redo things and polish things until they’re to his liking?

And that still doesn’t answer what you consider to be “community support,” which makes me assume it’s more than what U3 has. Nobody knows Nelson’s code better than Nelson, and nobody knows Nelson’s priorities and outlook better than Nelson. More people does not suddenly equate to a faster product.


Sometimes having more people on a project can actually bring it down, Having more people means more interpretations of the final product, more people that need to be on the same page, more people that have the same goal. Say I am one person on a 5 member team (this size isn’t to bad but just stick with it for the example) I want to make unturned a rust like ultra survival time sink but my pal over here wants it to be a simple fun casual game, If this isn’t communicated than the game is gonna end up a mess. Of course if everyone communicates everything about the product then we end up fine but judging by nelsons style of working and what ive heard in interviews, Unturned is his child and im not sure how having someone else take care of it would sit with him.


I have an Ideapad as well as my PC, it can run saints row 2 and just cause 2 just fine.