Wave One



In the early hours of the morning I went through sending Vehicle Demo keys to many people individually so that nobody would feel it was in a preferential order. For now my fingers are tired from typing the messages out, but I will continue over the next few days! I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I didn’t get to you yet - primarily I’m looking to send keys to active community members for now until everything’s merged in (see Devlog 17) when the demo will be replaced with the alpha/beta/whatever you like to call it.

Wave one question
Public vehicle demo

Take a very long nap before wave 2. :wink:


Wait, where is the actual demo accessible? Steam properties doesn’t seem to work.


You activate it with a product key like you would do with a giveaway game key


no mac version so i cri


Oh, thanks. That worked.


Im so happy about getting a key. Thanks much Nelson! Cant wait to see where this game is going :slight_smile:

If theres anyone that would like to test the Multiplayer with me please let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks Nelson :wink:


When I woke up this morning I wasn’t expecting to get a key to the game.

Get some rest Nelson, really enjoyed the first look at the preview :smiley:


I am noone here, and i dont know how it works but i could test it on low end pc :wink:


Can’t wait for public beta! Take your time, Unturned II is shaping up to be a real good game :smiley:


Good stuff Nelson, and don’t kill your fingers.


I have many questions for the beta, one them being this:
Is the beta optimized for low-end pc?


I think it was a part of my question but ok


Oh I didn’t know there was a topic about it. My bad


Other than that, I’m pretty excited when I get home today to play this demo


Do you have it?


Hell yea brother


You are lucky


What do you mean?