We got Mirage we got Nuke, when will we have Dust 2 and Cobblestone?

No greed intended, but holy s***, if we can get less popular CS maps, why isn’t it possible to get slightly more popular ones?

You’re welcome to make one yourself, I’m sure it would be well appreciated

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guess there’s no choice
edit: i don’t know how to make a map. i may in the future but now no

where’s a download link for that?

This is not an actual Unturned map, it’s just a cs 1.6 map with an Unturned hud on it.


ah! i thought it was an actual map lol

That is the map from CS 1.6, but the picture definitely wasn’t taken in CS. The real Dust II has more greenish lighting and a very distinct mountainous skybox.

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