We made it, guys!

We forced Nelson to obey our demands!
We have officially conquered the whole SDG command line!


@Kylie we won the war


But there are 2 more battles. The matamorze and the zubek.

So the old zubek and the new overpowered PDW replacement?

Sign me up!


it’s just a glass cannon like the shadowstalker

don’t nerf it or I’ll :hocho: you


(actually I was referring to it getting even more powerful then before, 300 range and no silencer drop anyone?)

Am i the only one who didn’t notice it was Molt at first because of the letter profile picture, but then read the name after [insert time period that exceeds 1 minute]

We may have won the battle!But we didn’t won the war!

I’ve been thinking, why revert the mata back to it’s old self? Intsead of a vss, we could transform it into a vs val. Just decrease the cancerous 2 shot ability, remove the ability to destroy buildables, and make it take normal ranger ammo.

Payday 2 reference?

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PDW wasn’t really nerfed though, I can’t really see a --noticable-- difference with how increased bullet drops affects it.

Well, it’s not the nerf we wanted, but it’s a nerf regardless. So meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Oof :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! But it’s true!

It means that it doesnt hit as far making it useless for long range pvp.
(seeing as its a pretty common pvp gun, people might start learning/using other guns now)

But in real life VSS has also very low effective range. In game, of course, it must be increased, but left on 250-275m