We need a New PRIMARIE / SECONDARIE Weapon for the Coalition!

Post here some idea of firearms for a new “Coalition Official Gun” (C.O.G)!
But you need to :

-Give the basic name of the weapon in question.
-Give a Nickname for this weapon.(Optional)
-Give some Picture of the weapon.(Optional)
-Give the Caliber of the weapon.
-Give the Type of the weapon ( Assault-Rifle , Sniper-Rifle , Shotgun , Bolt-action Rifle , Heavy Machine Gun , Sharpshooter Rifle , Machine Pistol , Pistol , SMG , … ).

Good Luck everyone :wink:

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AND that enthusiasm !!! :fire::ok_hand::ok_hand:


It’s not a weapon but this Workshop need to be added in Official Game Item !!!

…cog? what

Coalition Official Gun!11!!1!!!

i’m just about as confused as you are


The M27 IAR would be a very, very cool gun to have, for a Coalition Assault Rifle. Increased fire rate, even higher than the Zube, but with less damage and a bit more recoil. It’d have a legendary rarity, as this gun would be very hard to find on most maps.

While the avenger works for a pistol, I feel like some sort of other pistol would be nicer to see; the Beretta 93r would be a very interesting pistol. It’d come in the Coalition colors, and would feature a 20 round magazine and burst and semi fire modes. It would have an epic rarity, and would spawn more rarely than the Avenger.

I think an interesting Coalition weapon would be a semi low tier rifle similar to the Sabertooth but with more rounds and way less damage. Say a 15 round magazine, and 47 damage. It would be a decent starter weapon for those who find it in Berlin and would in lore be a weapon given to Ensign Coalition soldiers as a basic, easy to use multi purpose rifle. It would have a rare rarity.

Basically, the general theme for these weapons would be some interesting, somewhat hard to get but useful weapons that would give the Coalition a fighting chance (that is, if they hadn’t all died horribly besides the ones in Russia). They’d stick out with their unique stats as well. I feel like this would fit in with the Scalar, considering it that it has the unique fact of having the least amount of SMG/Carbine recoil in the game.


Name: Cleanser (or Taper)
Type: Pistol
Rarity: legendary
Description: A unique and adaptable pistol that was manufactured specifically to deal with the viral outbreak.
Modes: semi, burst (double, helmeted zombies), burst (triple, players), safety.
Damage: 38 base damage (takes three shots in head to kill helmeted players)
Range: 100m
Recoil: Scalar level (great, 3-burst is reasonable to use on players)
Attachments: barrel and tactical
Mag size: 12 (4 3-bursts, 6 2-burst), extended mag: 24
Special: Sight is a built in mini-red dot sight, vary easy to use.
Ammunition: low cal military and ranger
Firerate: Like the Lugar, (vary fast)

Purpose: To provide players a pistol that can cope with difficult situations that can stand it’s own verse other secondary weapons. A pistol we can actually see players use in a hostile environment. Undoubtedly a great PvE weapon, but a capable PvP one also.

Reasons to use: Extremely user friendly default sights (mini-red dot), 3-burst (great for high-skill players with it’s 38 base damage), and zombie friendly or conservative 2-burst, along with great recoil control (which many pistols suffer from lack of), with the ammo diversity this gun may use, keeping this thing high on ammo is usually never a problem. + it looks purdy.

Acquiring: Is a expensive buy from the liberator, or a vary rare spawn in coalition areas.

Visual: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=n07FJXGm&id=8B96F9F8270D3C429483DBA8255391C24C278971&thid=OIP.n07FJXGmrZweItAecCzBXQEsD7&q=Futuristic+Pistol+Designs+Drawings&simid=608001297296658319&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0
Something like this but the back end is larger and the gun as a whole scaled back. This gun features a mostly black/dark gray body with vibrant blue coloring.

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Name: Groundbreaker
Type: LMG
Rarity: Rare
Description: A highly mobile LMG created by the Coalition to shower down targets.
Modes: Semi, auto, safety
Damage: 21 base damage
Attachments: all (military based)
Mag size: 225 (or maybe 125 rounds)
Ammunition: military, (perhaps civilian)
Fireate: notably higher than the mighty maplestrike, Bullethose.
Range: 150
Recoil: Unlike other LMG’s it’s about as hard to control as a average assault rifle.
Special: No buildable damage, 2-shots zombies, aimed accuracy low, high durbility
Hipfire: moderate

Purpose: A classic bullet hose, that unlike the other LMG’s is useful while moving about (no insane recoil issues), though weak in firepower, it’s firerate makes up for it, which is vary useful for lesser skilled players that may go side to side on there target or those that pray and spray. With it’s firerate higher than SMG’s it’s for mowing down targets. Skilled players will be able it to shower players in projectiles while normal will simply have more bullets flying towards there target (balanced because low damage!).

Uses: Great for players who love high firerate guns, while still on par on accrual killing power compared to other guns if most shots hit. A actual LMG good for infantry, and with it’s high firerate unarmored vehicles will be shredded along with zombie hoards.

Visual: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=29HtHlTw&id=258CBF7E32EB422DB19A90E9DC06BC4B35EA178A&thid=OIP.29HtHlTw8hXGhTRnv9-I2gEsCS&q=moble+LMG's&simid=608027436465129429&selectedIndex=99&ajaxhist=0 Like this with coalition blue highlights on either a dark gray or earthy based gun tones.


Is nobody going to mention that this post is probably not in the correct category, considering that it’s not guaranteed that the Coalition will appear or even be mentioned in Unturned 4.0, and that this is a very small thing to worry about for Unturned 4.0. even if it is supposed to be in this category.

Either remove this post entirely, or replace it with a new one under the Unturned 3.0 category. And besides, this is only brainstorming anyway. Nelson most likely will not add this unless he feels it is necessary.

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