We need penguins in 4



nelson we need fucking penguins in 4
but why?
because penguins are awesome
and they deserve to be in a cool game


Unless the map is taking place in Antarctica, there is no need to add them.

But please, put some effort into the post next time, please?


theirs effort
i gave intro,
and my 2 reasons
no need for a third or conclusion



i live in tasmania australia, there are penguins here because its real cold


i live new jersey
its cold as shit here
yet, i have no penguins



I have my penguins here in my lovely home of Subnatica.


Fuck yea


I want pingu saying: NOOT NOOT



im gonna say the n word




Tropical penguins exits but I dont see the reason for which adding pinguins is a good ideaa unless the map in the south of south america or south africa or australia.


How about instead of adding penguins to II we remove low effort posts from this forum? :thinking:



Pineridge is set to be somewhere in Canada, why would there be penguins?


because canada cold


Less and less effort going into those comments, I wonder why do I even bother replying to you?


tophat loses one brain cell every milisecond, save em