Weapon mod not working/mod name is red in manager list

I recently made a weapon mod that I uploaded to the workshop, but it isn’t working, even though I thought I had everything covered. I have my models bundled fine and my .dat files are formatted correctly, but I can’t spawn the items in the mod and the name of the mod is red in the manager list, which I couldn’t find anything about online. My files and folders in the mod folder are as follows:

Bundles>Items>Guns>Mars>Mars.dat, English.dat, & Mars.unity3d
Bundles>Items>Magazines>Mars_10>Mars_10.dat, English.dat, & Mars_10.unity3d


Type Gun
Rarity Epic
Useable Gun
Slot Secondary
ID 38410

Size_X 2
Size_Y 2
Size_Z 0.3
Size2_Z 0.35

Magazine 38411


Ammo_Min 3
Ammo_Max 10


Caliber 38411

Range 90
Firerate 14
Action Trigger

Player_Damage 40
Player_Leg_Multiplier 0.5
Player_Arm_Multiplier 0.5
Player_Spine_Multiplier 0.7
Player_Skull_Multiplier 1.25

Zombie_Damage 125
Zombie_Leg_Multiplier 0.2
Zombie_Arm_Multiplier 0.2
Zombie_Spine_Multiplier 0.5
Zombie_Skull_Multiplier 1.25

Animal_Damage 40
Animal_Leg_Multiplier 0.5
Animal_Spine_Multiplier 0.7
Animal_Skull_Multiplier 1.25

Barricade_Damage 18
Structure_Damage 18
Vehicle_Damage 35
Resource_Damage 20
Object_Damage 25

Durability 0.3

Spread_Aim 0.10
Spread_Hip 0.6

Recoil_Min_X 0.8
Recoil_Min_Y 11
Recoil_Max_X 0.8
Recoil_Max_Y 15

Recover_X 0.5
Recover_Y 0.5

Shake_Min_X 0.02
Shake_Min_Y 0.02
Shake_Min_Z 0.05
Shake_Max_X 0.03
Shake_Max_Y 0.03
Shake_Max_Z 0.09

Muzzle 3

Blueprints 2
Blueprint_0_Type Repair
Blueprint_0_Supplies 1
Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID 67
Blueprint_0_Supply_0_Amount 3
Blueprint_0_Tool 76
Blueprint_0_Build 27
Blueprint_1_Type Tool
Blueprint_1_Supplies 1
Blueprint_1_Supply_0_ID 38410
Blueprint_1_Product 67
Blueprint_1_Products 2
Blueprint_1_Build 27


English.dat (Mars):

Name Mars
Description British pistol chambered in Mars ammunition. May break wrist upon usage.


Type Magazine
Rarity Epic
ID 38411

Size_X 1
Size_Y 1
Size_Z 0.2

Amount 10
Count_Min 2
Count_Max 7

Calibers 1
Caliber_0 38411

Tracer 48

Blueprints 2
Blueprint_0_Type Ammo
Blueprint_0_Supplies 1
Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID 43
Blueprint_0_Build 30
Blueprint_1_Type Ammo
Blueprint_1_Supplies 1
Blueprint_1_Supply_0_ID 38411
Blueprint_1_Build 30


English.dat (Mars_10):

Name Mars Magazine
Description Low caliber military grade <color=epic>Mars</color> magazine. Designed to fit 10 rounds.

It should also be noted that a GUID fails to generate at the top of Mars.dat and Mars_10.dat, I think that might be the source of the problem. I tried generating and pasting a GUID manually but it just deleted itself from the .dat files when I uploaded it to the workshop. I also tried changing the folder order to match some other working mods I had installed but nothing worked. Any help is appreciated!

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Did your mod work at some point previously? It sounds like you’ve tried doing quite a bit all at once. Some notes based on what you’ve said:

This usually happens if your Unity setup is wrong. Maybe you haven’t bundled all the necessary files, or you’re using the wrong version of Unity. There’s possibly an error visible from the in-game error logs available from the main menu, which would help point you in the right direction if so.

There’s a few reasons a mod might be red. For example, you might have the visibility set to Hidden or Unlisted.

Although if you’re just trying to test your mod and make sure it works, it’d be much simpler and quicker to not upload it to the Steam Workshop until it’s done. Players often make the mistake of having their custom files in the game folder, and being downloaded to their own Steam Workshop mod with the same files, which can cause issues.

If you use a .masterbundle setup, the folder hierarchy should be 1:1 to your Unity setup (particularly important for .masterbundle setups). Otherwise, general rule of thumb is to at least have your top-level folders like they are for vanilla content.

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I checked the error logs like you said and it says that it’s missing the item “GameObject”, which I’m sure I bundled, although I’ll check again and try bundling again in Unity.

Also yeah, the name of the mod is red because it’s privated on the workshop, didn’t actually know that before.

Edit: I did some more research and apparently that error is caused by the stuff that you said, like an incorrect unity version. I’m going to try downgrading my unity version and try again. I also checked the latest patch notes and the highest unity version supported by the game is 2020.3.43f1 and I was using 2021.3.16f1, so that’s most likely where the problem is.

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Has your mod released yet? i want to try it

i ended up giving up on the mod since it refused to work even after i tried all the solutions that were suggested, sorry

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

If you provide additional information about how you set your mod up, and some images of your mod in Unity, someone could likely still help you.

It is recommended that you use 2020.3.37. Not all 2020 versions of unity can make mod.

Using a slightly older patch such as x.37 shouldn’t cause an issue, but @ludroth is using the same version that the game is currently running (2020.3.43f1). Their issue was most likely caused by something else.

They haven’t provided additional information/images recently, but my current guess is that the Asset_Prefix in their MasterBundle.dat isn’t correct. This could be because:

  1. It’s just the wrong path. E.g., they might have it as Asset_Prefix FolderNameHere rather than Asset_Prefix Assets/FolderNameHere.

  2. They changed the name, and only the name, in their most recent bundling. IIRC, if the only thing that changed was a folder name, then your .masterbundle won’t actually update. You’d need to delete your previous .masterbundle files (including the .hash, .manifest, and multi-platform files too), and then re-bundle them.

It’s also worth double-checking that the Asset_Bundle_Name is correct. It should be the same as the asset label you’ve added to the main FolderNameHere folder in Unity.

Alternatively, the GameObject for the item might just be incorrectly set up.

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