Weapon Rebalance Project

While everyone was busy either malding or totally celebrating the movement changes, I was busy formulating a suggestion for an assault rifle rebalance. I even made a calculator in excel for it! About halfway through, I’ve decided to contact one of my more experienced friends to see how they feel about the changes. About 30 minutes of debating, testing, and gunning each other down later the results were clear: I’ve overestimated some weapons and underestimated other ones.

What is the conclusion to be drawn from this? It is as follows - our personal biases often prevent us from accurately judging something. I mean, this isn’t some scientific discovery or something. In fact, it’s pretty obvious. It would make sense that the most reasonable balance changes would not come from a single person, but from an entire group.

We all know how horrible Unturned’s gun balance is. You have the Maplestrike, you have the Zubeknakov, you have the Matamorez, you have the Dragonfang, and then you have Horde Beacon fuel. A rebalance update has been long overdue and it’s time we as a community did something about it.

I present to you - the Weapon Rebalance Project. A way how we, as a community, can change the game for good. Anyone with the slightest amount of community participation is invited. There are channels dedicated to discussion, and channels dedicated to suggestions. Once a coherent suggestion has formulated in someone’s mind they can put it to vote by everyone else. Eventually, after all necessary balance change suggestions have been made, we’ll ship them straight to Nelson. In the worst case scenario - which is if they are not accepted - we’ll make an override mod for it to be used by content creators.

Some other stuff I believe is worthy of mentioning:

  • ALL moderation logs are public.
  • Moderators are voted in instead of appointed by me.

Link: Weapon Rebalance Project


Oh, hey, this is quite fascinating.

You may be interested in hearing this - I feel obligated to inform you that I’ve been somewhat discreetly working on a similar project for the past year on and off, called Vanilla Guns Revamped. It’s far enough along that it has its own wiki, but it’s still very WIP, although I do have very distinct goals for a release.

VGR started out as a design experiment, but has since turned into a pack with an interesting paradigm shift from vanilla - focusing on mechanical complexity and providing a reward to players that can master it. I plan to release it in two parts - one as a pack that deviates more from vanilla balance but offers radical new mechanics, and the other as a much more recognizable vanilla rebalance that still dramatically redefines the gunplay meta. I’ve had the privilege to receive feedback and even testing from a diverse focus group, ranging from curated mapmakers to PvP enthusiasts, and as a result I personally find your concept of openly “crowdsourcing” ideas to be very respectable.

Our goals seem to be very similar, if not identical - we both care about the gunplay meta and want to revolutionize it with help from our peers. Perhaps a collaboration of some sort is in order here? Either way I’m interested in seeing what comes out of your project and will keep it in mind while developing VGR.


I must say, this is utmost impressive. I have only briefly checked the website but I must say - you’re doing amazing work.

I do believe that there is one primordial difference between what you’re doing and what I’m doing. As you’ve added new ammunition types, new guns, new content, while completely revamping currently existing content, you’ve solidified your project as a modding effort. I, on the other hand, expect significantly less intrusive changes and genuinely hope for Nelson to officialize it. If not fully, at least as a option in server config.

I would be very glad to collaborate with you on this.


Cool idea from both @GreatHeroJ and @Fenyusha

Sounds interesting

Holy shit
It’s the first well thought out and intelligent post on this forum!



I appreciate the compliment.

anyways how about you all join up yeah

Even if you’re not the type of person to dig into the gun stats and contemplate what changes could be made, you’ll still get to vote on any suggestions others make.

No, It needs to stay the same. Don’t change current gunplay it’s pretty fair and easy for new players to adapt on it.

I disagree, wild guess but you are probably a green skin that mains the maplestrike

The issue is that these guns have no skill gap, its literally point and shoot

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There’s still a skill gap of aiming and dodging.

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Nelson has given us the green light! The project will officially be catered towards making changes that are vanilla-like and reasonable enough to make it into the game.

Something I believe should be clarified about the original post, however: Anything we come up with will be posted to the forum prior to being considered by Nelson.

Unfortunately, the SDG forums fall far behind in terms of specialization when compared to a Discord server. For instance, you can’t really have a channel/thread per every existing weapon. Thus I still urge anyone who cares about Unturned to take part in the project. Weapon Rebalance Project


Ah come on…

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