Weapon spawn rates

This is going to be relatvely short but would cover a pretty important part in the game

4.0’s gun spawn chances should be extremely low. Forcing players to make their own guns, because let’s be real here, no one uses makeshift guns. Why? Because they have weak damage, break quicker, and require a bunch of items when you could simply find a gun pretty much anywhere.

So, if the weapon spawn chances were super low, then the player would have nothing to defend him/herself from ranged attacks. So they will be forced to use the makeshift guns in order to protect themselves


i like add a thing. in unturned the players don`t have love a your weapon, because is extreme easy you encounter other equal. maybe more “weapon craftables” and very rarity in weapons already this (is just a suggestion and a complement or a copy why you speak)
well, i concord

hey view this

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