Weapon statue effect suggestions?


So you all know the ice, gold, silver, and bronze weapon effects, right? Well here’s a few suggestions for more effects that could be added.

Liquid versions)

  • acidifier. This will turn the player/zombie into an acid Statue for a moment, before they collapse into an acid puddle.

  • Waterfier. This will do the same thing as the acid version, but will leave a puddle like the ones that show up during thunderstorms. It will evaporate as normal.

  • lavafier. This will turn entities into lava, and their statues will slowly melt,/settle until they despawn, or are just a pile of cooling lava.


  • Petrify. This will turn enemies into stone. Not much to it. Though the stone may crack and fall apart a bit?

  • colorify- this will just make a statue kg a certain color (blue, red, ect.)


  • burning? This will cause the person to either explode like the flame zombie, or turn to a burning statue.

  • animal-ify? Possibly spawn a random animal upon the things death? So say with normal zombies it might spawn deer’s and such, but for mega zombies or will spawn a bear/ a few wolves?

Perhaps it would only happen for players and mega zombies, I’m not sure.

  • zombify. Just turns players to zombies. (probably would only happen in areas with zombie navigation.) but maybe the zombie would wear the players clothes?

  • probably a few more.

  • I like this.
  • I only like some of them (comment)
  • All of these are bad ideas.
  • I don’t really care

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Suggested by others.

How about they turn white. And then they sorta collapse and get blown away as a bunch of papers.


Sounds neat



can they turn into paper




maybe also make them lose legs and arms
and also put on a spiffy black bow tie




what about this confused expression
and them also looking left
and the leftist eye can be taller than the other

EDIT: ahh that’s much better


I was more of thinking them as a stack of papers that gets blown away by the wind.


I’m disappointed there isn’t just a ragdoll effect idea where the zombie fades to dust like something out of an Infinity War meme

Don’t take that seriously, I’ve not even watched Infinity War


Not possible with Unturned code without major rewrites. Maybe it could happen, but I honestly doubt it.

Colorify is a bit dumb, but Petrify is a nice idea, already saw it mentioned perhaps.

Don’t like it.


I’m dubious about making reflective puddles like rainstorms for each individual ragdoll. People have complained about the having one giant reflective splatter map when it rains, and I don’t see how adding multiple smaller ones would improve that.

  • Petrify zombies

that is all


I only agree with petrification, but only the basic version (Just turn to stone/cannot move joints)

My ideas:

  • Time Frozen - Basically like other ragdoll-statue modifiers, except there’s no texture effect at all.
  • Mannequinator - Ragdoll turns plain white like the mannequin props. Optionally humanoid ragdolls will be forced to do a certain pose the same way mannequins do (If possible), and/or optionally only the body will be retextured (Clothes retain their texture)
  • Classic - Replaces ragdoll with the classic ‘Drop dead’ corpse (Can float in place or land on a surface). Probably requires additional animations with every mob (Extra work)


Just gonna also throw my hat into the ring now.

  • Flanker turns into a flanker zombie on death. Codes already there just needs to be applied to a corpse.
  • Nelsonify Killed entity gains Nelson’s textures.

that is all


Ofc it would only really show up for people who have rain puddles turned on. Without the puddles, it would just be them frozen with a watery texture for a split second, then just disintegrating into water particles


what about turning into smoke, similar to a grey/black smoke grenade effect

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