Weapons and explosives malfunctioning

as we know, the new unturned will point to realism, then why not adding the probability for the gun to jam/overheat or the explosive device you have to not explode because the gunpowder is wet or the charge didn’t go off?
what i mean:
your gun overheats over shooting, that augments the chance of meltdown/jamming
if you stay in water for too much there’s a chance that the explosive device you have will malfunction
if your gun goes into meltdown it will explode, damaging you and the enemies/allies nearby by 10 HP
if your gun breaks you will have to replace a certain component


Overheating buns should just be for mounted weapons. Like hmgs

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All weapons should be capable of overheating, varying of course on what barrel, handguard, and ammunition they have. Generally, weapons would have small enough magazine capacity and low enough rate of fire, that a meltdown would be unlikely, but increased parts wear, decreased accuracy, and perhaps ammunition cooking off should happen before the gun approaches, the point of exploding.


yeah, by the way an AR15 can reach the meltdown in real life, but it must go through like 5 magazines withouth never stopping, wich is improbable in unturned since even with a giant horde of zombies you will most likely not go on full auto

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