Weapons in 4.x

Don’t add op weapons like HB or weapons like HB shall be used as primary because honeybadger is too op and on creative servers it’s disaster because there are used only these secondaries: HB, Calling card, Scalar, Deagle. And glory to expections.

You shall make pistols more useful. Pistols in 3.x are usless (some are good like ace or cobra). But other like deagle, avenger, teklowvka, colt, kryzkarek, luger are useless in these ways
Avenger - dosen’t shoot at every click
Teklowvka - dosen’t shoot at every click
Colt - dosen’t shoot at every click, low damage
Luger - dosen’t shoot at every shot, low damage
Deagle - Low magazine size, low damage (compared to how is ammo expensive), extremly rare
Kryzkarek - Trash

You can make new pistols more useful like they will have higher rate of fire, better accuracy, better range

You can make snipers with bigger range and smaller bullet drop. Also you can make them louder (depends on ammo type). and some ammo can pierce trough objects not get stopped on them because it’s wierd when you will shoot grizzly on a note and it will save u.

AR’s are great the way they are now but you can make more types of ammo to each ar (I mean armor piercing, shredding) and you can make different ammo types for different types of magazines. You can also make normal mags that can be filled with explosive ammo or other types with ammo.

You can make shotguns with more types of ammo as well. (I mean buckshots, bird shot, slugs, mini shotgun shells). And different types of ammo will make different stastistics to weapon. Like shotgun will fit more mini shotgun shells than normal shells, slugs will add more range to shotgun and bigger armor penetrating value, bird shot will add less piercing power but higher spread and more pellets, buckshots will stay seme as they are now.

If there will be more types of ammo there will must be more types of ammo crates. But there can be crates that will contain API ammo or APIT ammo. There is new invention of ammo with controlled spread so you can add that one too. Also shotgun shells can be like in 2.x (one shell = one item) and they will be stackable. Same with arrows.

You will have ability to pull them as you want.

Have a nice day

wait wait

implying people use the calling card

is this a thing? do people ACTUALLY use the calling card?

on creative servers, survival servers everywhere there is at least one person using it

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Calling card might suck but I gotta rep my $6 mythical when on a server yaknow /s

I use it… :frowning_face:

I use the Viper.
I’m the cool kid around here :sunglasses:

I’m using mainly peacemaker or a butterfly kinfe so I’m the cool kid here :sunglasses:

so you are a kid? xd

y not :sunglasses: btw that was a joke it wasn’t meant real that I’m kid. but if we are who is kid and who is not. Only kids are seeing ewerything from first side :kissing_heart:

what? sorry its hard to me do understand some words in english

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