Weather characteristics

Let s take it this way:

  1. It s night,it s cold outside and you don t have clothes:
  2. You shake when you aim.
    3.If you have above 90% food and water your health regenerates harder.
  3. (optional)after a while you start getting sick.(your radiation bar or idk how it s called starts slowly going down)
    5.This way the warmblooded skill will be more useful

You re swimming:

  1. You get less health by using medicine.
  2. If you stay too much in the water you slowly start getting sick(5 6 minutes from 100% to 97% not that much)
    3.Its raining outside,you don have any clothes:
    *same as when it s night

All fo those things will make warmblooded skill become and actual useful skill

couchmore snowy maps couch couch

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Below 90%, you mean?

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