ehhh porks right

eventually western animation is going to be brought down by the sjws and the feminists complaining about how theirs always men and theirs no women in these animations.

Thats why anime is morally better

da fuq did i just say?
good Christ i’m philosophical


What a trip your mind just went on.


I know, when do people ever say I’m right?


well i mean,
i am right

i mean look what happen to the Simpsons
The one guy that owns the store is getting kicked off the show for culture appropriation or shit like that

welcome to the world we live in today folks!
not like the olden times!







tfw you wanna do r/woosh but this forum isnt reddit


dont act like a weeb and the joke might work


No anime is allowed on the SDG Forums buddy,

This is a misconduct, next time it will be jail time for you buddy!


Can you post a blank verison?



its too late for you lawmen, this part of the city has been overrun.

Don't click this, by the way


Well, at least don't click on this
I said don't click on it!
You don't want to find out what's behind this
Or maybe you do, because clearly if you've reached this point you want to know the secret
Fine, you asked for it



they can put me on:
a watchlist
the no-fly list
the sex offender registry
but they will never take me off of:

legal if it’s from japan amirite gamers





so nobody knows I’ve bookmarked this right




Am i a hypocrite for bookmarking this


I wouldn’t know, maybe it’s your subconscious telling you to like anime.

Trust me on this, I would know a thing or two about that