Weight interferes with movement

It is a feature in Skyrim where the more heavy items you have the slower you will move, this would give you a greater sense of immersion as players would better choose the items they really needed.
The players would not be extremely slow but considerably slower, over time (based on the new way of gaining skills present in the wiki, however maybe it will change but I will adopt as truth) you will be able to take more things do not get not too slow and not consume too much istamine.



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Weight will make the player slower overall, and carrying too much will consume stamina pretty quickly I should think. The balance lies in how much should the player be able to carry?

Yes,Carrying a lot of weapons (not counting pistols and knives) with 5 shotguns or 4 snipers, heavy police clothing, a gun weight counter and an adjustable limit with character abilities is also a considerable…

doesn’t sound like a fun addition tbh, I’m pretty sure a lot of people are fine with the current inventory system (or as far as I’ve seen at least) and no one would like to get slower by carrying two guns or something.

and then there’s the whole “add realism” thing but I’m not getting to it.

I think is a good idea but would each item have a certain weight and like next to ur health or something would be a small thingy saying “total wt” and then like as you increase certain skills you can carry more with less issue. Also I think it shouldnt be you move slower it should just be you have less stamina.

Pretty much planned, I hope that armor plays a far bigger role in slowing your down to allow for two playstyles, a light hit and run one, and a tanky high armor type. It would just add variance to game play which is always fun.

i think you should move at the same speed, but use up a lot more stamina

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