Welcome to Colorful Colorado! Colorado Blog #1

Well, it seems map dev blogs are all the hype today.

This has been a side project of mine for a few weeks now, and is nowhere near done. However I felt like I would share it here every once and a while.


Ski Area

Military Checkpoint

This map is medium sized, but it does have 3 different biomes: Plains/Lowlands, Forested Hills, and High Alpine
This is only a medium sized map, so it shouldn’t take too long to complete depending on if I want to make my own custom assets or not. Anyway I’ll try to keep things updated here every now and then. Feel free to leave any feedback you would like


Pikes Peak wya


I would like to add pikes peak, but idk if I’m going to have room on the map for it

yo make a town called Dinosaur

I’d assume that this isn’t curated, but this is exactly the type of content the Workshop needs after today’s update renders a hefty chunk of the content dead. Nice job.


yeah, not aiming for curated, but thanks anyway!

Nothing against the map getting curation, just that you’re already working on Belgium and I know that you’re the type to make custom content regardless of the map’s ‘status’.


wow that was rude animation, Apologize.

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ghost valley is a good map


thank you dad

why does this look so good to me

because it is good!

Paladin is mind controlling you
he wants you to think the map is good

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