Welcome to France – Update


@MoltonMontro pin please

Fraaaaaance :baguette_bread: :baguette_bread: :baguette_bread: :baguette_bread: :baguette_bread:

I think I’m broke


Je suis amused oui

If anyone makes a white flag joke I will personally find where you live and make you feel ashamed

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don’t mind if I :white_flag: then

god damn it i just booted up unturned…

now i gotta wait an hour for it to close… -___-



i’m wet image


Delete this I did it first

Already on Steam, don’t think that it’s really important to have the notes here.

Hey can somebody tell me when the ID list is up? i’m gonna need that flamethrower asap for… reasons… firetruck reasons…

Uhh…the very first quest for the NPCs is broken, you have to kill 40 zombies and the counter doesnt go up nor does it complete after getting 40 kills

The quest works fine for me. Are you sure you did it at the right location?

A possibly gamebreaking glitch.

does it come with the maginot line :thinking::thinking::thinking:

om my f**king god. they did it. there is a stale baguette melee weapon! (a sawed off version too xD)


you know somebody in the modding community is gonna do that. They’re gonna change the knife or the katana around…