Welp. A new map idea


Well… I came up with a PRETTY boring map idea.

And im going to start working on is as soon as I finish S.P.I. With this map, Im going to focus all the time I work on it into working on stuff, like making (real) objects, as well as trying out a few ideas I had to reduce pvp. (Plenty of animals, and a low amount of loot) (like carpat, yeah I know, it was largely disliked. But im hoping to do it in a different way)

Based on my plans so far, Its going to be a pretty flat map, but go largely towards the apocalyptic feel. (dead grass, overgrown stuff, everything actually looks broken… yada yada yada)

I really hope I can learn new things while making this map, and use the skills I have learns from making S.P.I.
Wish me luck yall. Also, I need some names. Any suggestions for names?

What is S.P.I.

Saint Pete’s Island, The map that Ive worked on for 2 (almost 3) years. The reason I’ve worked on it for so long is because it got corrupted the last time I made it, right when I was about to finish with it. (though its a good thing that happened. As the first version was absolutely terrible. (I was a bit excessive with the compound objects, made an entire crane out of military crates. (it was inspired by that one map.))

So, tell me what you think, are you happy that Ill make my own objects [instead of using others, or (occasionally) making compound objects.]


We haven’t had a desert map yet, if you want to go for a desolate feel.

The Mojave also sounds nice

Yes I’m a F:NV fan


ehhh im not going for curated. Just trying to see if I can actually create the apocalyptic feel. along with finding a way to get people to not kill each other as often. Also, plenty of people are already doing deserts.


cracks knuckles

Welcome to the Okanagan

The Okanagan region, nestled in the interior of BC, the westernmost province of Canada, is the only desert region in the entire country. The Okanagan is somewhat sparse, though civilization has still left its mark. Wineries dot the landscape, backed by mountains and semi-arid shrubbery, as well as other flora and fauna not found anywhere else in Canada. Recommended for experienced survivors.


Difficulty level: “We’re Still In Canada”


Actually, that works perfectly. It isnt your generic desert, yet its kinda what Im thinking of.

I dunno if its the place Ill do, but ye. It looks desolate enough.


I think it’s rather incredibly unique, since most people don’t even know Canada has a desert to begin with.

The mix of biomes, culture, and all sorts of natural elements could really be promising. Greece but better in every way (Also, as an added bonus I’ve been there myself. It’s quite nice.)


Ill look into it. though right now, I need to work on finishing S.P.I, so that I dont have to bother with it while I work on this.

Thanks yall, also…

can people link me tutorials on stuff related to blender? I think Ill need them T-T


Well, by our standards it’s a desert, but in really it’s a “semi-arid bush-steppe”.


Okanagan=Greece :thinking:


Alright, heres another question for yall,

  • medium
  • large
  • insane

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What size?


I suggested insane, since ive never tried it before, and it would be a nice challenge (although laggy)

but it seems it will be large instead XD

Ill wait a bit longer before I make it (possibly till nelson updates the bundling for maps) and until as I said before, I finish Saint Pete’s Island.


One more thing.
Where should it be located.

  • The Place GHJ suggested
  • Some other desolate area.

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Alright, sorry to bother yall, but I have a few environmental hazard ideas.

Here’s some example.

  • You will be able to for by fire, if there is a lot of it (ex. Large flames from a burning fuel tank, or a grasslands fire.)

  • Ravines/large holes in the ground where if you jump down them Instead of walking down the right way, you will also die. (Might help people be a bit more careful about long falls)

  • (Other hazards such as minefields, ex.)

And object ideas so far…

  • A couple dolls in different poses (and burnt versions as well)

  • Oil trucks/semi trailers. (Broken and non broken versions)

  • Custom debris, (ex. Small piles of random stuff that is !are up by one object)

  • Might also try ripping off 7 days to die, and make a resource object that looks like a concrete brick

  • Natural fuel co containers that you can’t entirely fill a vehicle with.

  • (Possibly try making objects that look like working vehicles, but arent?)

  • Npcs around the map.


“we havent had a desert map”
cries in New Mexico infanfcy

also it’s Mojave you uncultured swine


Y’all quit your retardness, have y’all forgotten about Kuwait?


I sorta forgot its name, so I didnt mention it.


yeah but it doesnt count since its stanky Iraq or whererever european deserts are smh


but it’s a desert yuh


Make a sealand map as small map , it’s easy to do :slight_smile:


im not looking for easy :stuck_out_tongue:


Then you might do a redwood forest map with thousands of bears :wink: