Westman (Iceland) Devlog #2

Hello survivors :wave:
I have some bad news about Westman Island.

I recently applied, in admission to the Curator. Unfortunately I was rejected, not because they didn’t like the map, but because there are already so many maps on the curator list.

Further action with the Westman Island will be this: I will freeze the development of Westman Island. And I’ll start creating my other maps. I won’t say which ones, because I haven’t even started them at this point in time lol, but they’re still in my plans.

However, I can’t tell you what’s waiting for the Westman, it’s not a fact that I won’t abandon it, nor is it a fact that I’ll finish it

(I know I will disappoint many people with this post. But what can I do. Such is the fate :confused:)

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Welcome to the “rejected curators” club, buddy

@Osad0k RIP
: (

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