What about Dlcs?

my pc has an intel i7 440k. 8 gb of ram. a GTX 1050 and 1 TB of free space. i can run all of the maps without any problem.

Look, just stop.

To sum up literally everyone arguing against you (myself included), you’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Those of us with severely underpowered computers don’t “need” some extra DLC to run something that should already be in the normal game, even if the DLC is free. You’re just overcomplicating what doesn’t need to be so. Having DLC for such trivial things pretty much entirely destroys the point of a game with the novelty and humility of Unturned.


I think the idea of map DLC and gun DLC are bad, you’ll, need like Nelson said, the DLCs when you play with friends.
Just one thing: I would just make MAYBE, maybe a kind of super advanced editor DLC with all kinds of stuff, but I don’t think we would nessesary need one

well that idea was… mehhhhhhh
not that good why would nelson make paid maps or items if we have mods anyway.

I honestly think they should be free DLC, as to not clog up the game, but still be available.

No fuck off DLC should be in free updates like he does now not that shit besides im more then willing to pay for 4.0 honestly nelson has worked his ass off and deserves money at this point

e x p a n s i o n p a c k

Please don’t turn unturned into a AAA game.

you still have to download the dlc when it gets released though, same thing for all games

SmartlyEaGames detected!!

Please try to avoid necroposting with useless comments in the future. Thank you.

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okay no necroposts… To me this is a joke the fact of DLC in a exelent game like unturned, joke because this ruin games ruin good games principaly F2P games because facts of dlc in FTP games admit is a system of P2W

Yes, daddy, that sounds nice!

It’s been like 5 months. Just use the like button.

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This isn’t even a debate anymore…if you looked at how old the post is, it’s from last year.

Nelson has even already confirmed since then that there will be no paid DLCs in the future.

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Yeah, didn’t pay attention to the date. Sorry

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