What about salvageable and moveable Furniture?

Before reading I do not know if someone has already suggested this and point it out if someone has. So this is my suggestion for the props hope you like it and have some other ideas for this.

  • Moveable Props:
    So my idea is that in Unturned II you should be able to pick up Furniture like chairs, small tables, cardboard boxes and etc. You could even throw them or use them as barricades like in “Half Life 2”. Though it would drain you’re stamina because of all the lifting and would have a animation of holding the object instead of it floating infront of you. It should be limited to wooden Furniture because if you could pick up everything then every building on the map would just be empty.

  • Salvageable Props:
    So my second point is being able to destroy Furniture to earn materials out of them. As a example game it would be the “The Long Dark” in which you salvage cardboard boxes and wooden furniture with a hatchet, knife or saw. Though there is a key difference in that game and that is time because spending 40 minutes salvaging a chair would be boring. The fix for that would just be by simplifying the salvaging by hitting the prop a few times with you’re knife or hatchet.


so, just copying what project zomboid did?

Turkler, I didn’t even know that game had that but ok…

I’d like some fortifications of couches and fridges kinda like this

It’s a little meh but kinda cool


This is something I’ve always wanted. It’s very annoying to have to move all items from crate to crate when you decide to change your furniture layout.

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