What anime is Molt's icon from or what's the name of that character?

I’m just being curious about this Unturned Wikia person.

They say that the last person who asked him is now a MOLTen heap… (couldn’t help it)

@MoltonMontro Go ahead and answer this question for this specimen.

It’s his OC

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pokemon go


none of those, actually. Its from “うんつるねど ムービー” which translates into “Unturned movie” /s

(if you learnt japanese to watch anime/is japanese, its pretty much “u n tsu ru ne do Mūbī” so it’ll probably mean something else. I don’t know japanese, that was a quick “take the japanese alphabet and mix up words to form something” job.)

What? Pff, don’t be ridiculous. Absolutely impossible, not a chance in hell. Nope, nuh-uh.

I used translated this with google and it translated to Yeah yeah yeah Movie

Right click > search Google for image

when I right clicked and searched image on google it gave me a gun selling company, @MoltonMontro reee ur the reason of the school shootings

Oh my gosh. Does that mean that his Icon is actually the face of shootings that happend in the US!

I think its darling in the franxx