What are the minimum requirements for a server?

So, i have a desktop laying around that i dont really use much, so i thought about making an unturned server with it, i dont know a lot about the computer, i know it has like 4 gb ram and win 7 32 bits.
Im not thinking of making a big server, just a small washington server for me and my friends to play in, max 8 players.

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Thats actually a really funny coincidence lmao.

Lol nice scram (maybe the game is called scum) profile picture


I can change it if its inapropriate for this forum, i just put this pfp because its the only thing i had zombie related on my phone and i didnt feel like opening unturned just for a screenshot

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No, i was saying it’s nice. There’s no restrictions on what profile picture you can use. My bad if it seemed sarcastic

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