What Camouflage clothing should look like in 4.0

I know that the military gear have 100% pure color without any like spots or clouds on it but I think there should be spots, clouds or digital print. The jackets, trousers, caps and vest should have this type of camo instead of the spotless one. I hope that grass, sand, or dirt will have a bit of texture in 4.0 also.

You see how smooth
this vest is? There is no print
or texture on it. The print next to it is what I think the camo should be instead.

Camo could also be digital/pixelated or not.


Terrain in 4.0 will have a texture, as we’ve seen in previous screenshots.
Even in 3.0 they already do.

As for the camo, I suppose that would make sense. It would have to be less finely detailed and more splotchy/pixelated though in order to fit in with the artstyle.


Yeah, I think thats a great idea. I also think that there should be Navy camo too!



Both suggestions already implemented, fam! :raised_hands: The terrain is pretty easy to see for yourself in devlogs, but here’s the camo pattern:

MOLLE Rucksack icon

I’d say it’s reasonable to assume more than just one camouflage pattern will exist. Currently though, it’s just the “Camo” pattern and “Forest” color for on the MOLLE Rucksack.


Im pretty sure that this type of camo on the MOLLE Rucksack is perfect for the artstyle. It would also be cool id there is different camoes on other military packs too!


Well, the coalition stuff should stay solid, as they are the equivalent of the UN.

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There will be different pattern and color variants for all clothing in 4.0.

A soldier of onu talking about your uniform

  • I have a target on my head! this is so cool!!!
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Yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense but I think Nelson should add Navy clothing as rare or uncommon items.

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