What Criteria Does Nelson Look for When he Features a Map?

Asking for a friend. Quite curious since he never specified it haha

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Features or curates? Featured Workshop content is an automated system.

Oh, Alright, and yeah I was talking about the workshop, curated is hand-picked by Nelson, didn’t know it was an automated system though.

Well it doesn’t only features maps, any Workshop content can get featured I think.

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I think @AnimaticFreak was assuming that if the content was manually chosen then criteria would have been different, and he was just curious on maps specifically.

But yeah, it can feature more than just maps.

if youre talking about curated, heres nelson’s “guide”: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751009995

if youre talking about workshop, i think its featured based on the mod’s popularity

Yeah that’s obvious haha, was wondering about workshop maps specifically though, thanks c:

Lol no, I once made some basic npc pack for a friend’s server and it appeared on featured.

Here’s the thing, I recently learned that the algorithm for featuring things is buggy. It can feature hidden workshop items with two subs sometimes.

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