What do you eat in the morning?


Toast or bread? If so what do you have on the toast/bread? Cereal? What type!? Send images of whatever you eat in the morning! I am asking this because we are currently undergoing the Renaissance period of breakfast and all sort of brands are popping up everywhere competing for the cheapest prices and such and because I want to triangulate the location of last seasons vegetable oil!


I eat eggs

d-dont ask


Raw? Scrambled? On pancakes? How!?




why did you delete both those comments, i didnt see anything wrong with that lmao


Because my image would not upload! :frowning:


You wanna know what I eat?


Which one!?


sriracha scrambled


Yum, yum, yum! :yum:


Pills, 3 eggs, toast, some kind of meat usually tuna, orange juice, a couple of pieces of fruit today 2 apples, and then a big ole glass of v8 juice. I also usually eat my eggs boiled or fried


I alternate between rice porridge, oatmeal, stir-fried noodles, waffles, scrambled eggs, generic bread, coconut or similar stuffed bread, croissants, almond and or/coconut milk, actual milk, soymilk, orange juice, every once in a while I have broth or stew left over from dinner last night, cheesecake, sponge cake, bagels with cream cheese (I don’t tolerate too much sugar so no doughnuts), yeah…you get the point. My breakfast selection is extremely varied.


I would never get board with that! Sound amazing if you don’t mind me asking how much does that cost every morning?


I eat nothing. I survive off of pure hatred for first person.



I eat oxygen


You lucky mother tucker
I wish I had eggs


I had some French roast coffee and the POPs cereal
No I wont take the lunch special




Oh my god people like you are so funny haha! You sure have made my day dude :smiley: