What do you guys think of our teaser trailer?

Hey! I am a member of the team for a survival game called Conrad (other members are @prxmer (owner) and @Panda3d (modeler)). The game has been a passion project of ours, due to (atleast me and prxmer) having a semi-addiction to survival games, and the development has been fun. While we agree that the game may not look the best, you have to remember we are a team of 3 with little to no funding (actually, there is no funding whatsoever apart from out of our own pockets now due to itch.io changes) so making this look graphically amazing will be something that we focus on later on. But, with all that aside, here is the trailer

What do you guys think? It is of our current overhaul of the game (aptly named “Conrad v2”), showcasing (as the title suggests) the location “Camp David”.

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:ok_hand: You can join the verified discord server : http://discord.gg/prommergames

Who is Conrad?
Does Camp David have anything to do with the real Camp David?

Conrad is not a person but just a name and camp David is a military outpost in game unlike real life

Wow! Nice game. but what is that green thing???

Everything looks decent for a beta, but in the future please try to stick to a style, seeing that green thing at the end (which I presume is a zombie) really stands out against everything else that’s stylized in an blocky manner.

Also don’t make a trailer until you’re nearing completion or done :stuck_out_tongue:


Prmxer modeled the car and heli. I made the rest.

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