What do you guys think of the Augewehr?

What are your guys’ opinions on the augewehr in unturned 3.0. I think it’s the best gun in the game.


I used it one time and got bullied don’t use it

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Bro its literally subjectively the best gun

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I think it’s a ranger grade weapon in Unturned

Just use your fists like real men bruh

I BOUGHT one IRL cuz it’s so FREAKING good!!!

I honestly think the aug, but perhaps moreso the Heartbreaker, are some of the best balanced ARs in the game.


It also looks cool as hell

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It looks so cool

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not lyin neva was aug so bad

Ratio fart head


u n ur goons aint got shit unaligned sight lines head aaaa boy

We got this ratio tho soy_man


Ratio soy man

u asked i answered

Still needs full corvus defensio bling. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous tho.

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Case deflector is all it really needed. All these noobs out here talking about a bad trigger on the AUG probably drink their sodas flat.

I prefer the Eaglefire or the Sabertooth. What can I say, I like breaking my Mouse_0 button.

Imo augewehr is good. It has great balance between damage and shooting speed. Adaptive chambering makes it very good weapon.