What do you like/not like about washington?

Washington is a cool map and stuff so I’d like to know what do you like about it or what you would want to change. I wanted to make this post more in depth but like there’s no real reason to do so and I am unable to think of more stuff to write about. Subscribe “Danaby2” on youtube.

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ok thank you bit i dont know if you like the needle or not i am very confuzzled

liek needle

ok thx you!!!


Finna take this seriously,

Washington is fine, I don’t care about the pvp-orientation as much as some people. It sometimes can make the map nice to play when you don’t want to be too committed to a server. Personally if I were to change anything I would remove Olympia military base and replace it with a high-tier civilian location (airport, quarantine, failed safezone). I would then add more military loot in Seattle to encourage confrontation there with a high risk/reward factor. Finally I would combine Everett and scorpion-7 into a larger location (not Seattle sized of course, maybe about the size of Munich) and move it closer to the shore in order allow slightly more building options in that region of the map. I might also try to make the deadzone slightly more interesting by fencing it off and making it substantially larger since the golf course takes up roughly a quarter of the map which wastes a lot of space, I might even add a small town in that area of research area similar to off-limits on Yukon. Overall though Washington is a pretty well put-together map that I wouldn’t say needs as much change as something like Yukon.

Edit: also make sure to buy the Canyon Arena Bundle!!!


make sure to establish a Everet Colony!

the worst part about Washingon is undoubtedly Canyon Arena


Well you’re not wrong.

You see, Washington has a surprising lack of Canyons and Arenas.

Washington Arena

Left wing destrroyed!!!


the city seems a little too pvp toxic for me

if you’re gonna have pvp it should be risk/reward

not big guys vs littles

Would prefer if it was more survival orientated, but that’s just my opinion.

i agree

(10 char)

Washington just feels bland. There’s nothing really unique about it compared to the other maps. Sure it has the whole PVP thing going for it, but other than that it’s a really boring map.

Make Seattle and the towns bigger. Even a bigger map.

Its not the best map.

I made this diagram a while ago so I kinda forgot what it means 100% but the black area is irrelevant (Tacoma and Arlington are just more out of the way versions of Kennewick/Shelton and Everett, Kent is irrelevant because Heritage/Olympia both have mechanic spawns, Paradise has worse gun spawns that most of towns/farms in my experience, and its easier to scrap clothing than to get meds from it. (Taking into consideration that vaccines spawn in boatloads in S7, so there is no real reason to loot meds)

The red arrows symbolize the looting circle, pretty poorly though, the gist of it is that you spawn in Kenne/Seattle and get a basic gun (If you run specops and find in eaglefire in seattle you can just walk into olympia and start killing fully geared players) and storage space via clothes, then just walk to olympia while using third person to cheese out where people are, and avoiding/jumping them easily. From there you loot it and walk to heritage where you do the same thing. If there isnt a mega in either location for you to kill, and there is a group in olympia, I usually just walk to the golf course heli to kill the mega there, as someone usually kills the S7 mega every so often, letting the cycle repeat itself until you are maxed and run around and gun freshspawns and the like down in seattle, until you eventually die and spend another 10 minutes gearing up. The deadzone is irrelevant, as the shadowstalker is kinda trash, but S7 is still good to get vaccines from and there is usually a bit of PVP going on there, so S7 isnt a terrible location. The lil islands are neat basebuilding areas, same with the golf course, so I can’t complain there. The collapsed tunnels only really server as horde beacon locations, but I still like them. Seattle is cool, and probably the only reason people play washington is because it has verticallity that no other city does.

Basically the map creates a loot cycle, which is completed really quickly, but still fails at keeping geared players in areas that require gear, because there is zero incentive to stay in the loot cycle once you are fully looted, so most players just roam the map and kill freshspawns, and kill people roaming the map and killing freshspawns. Circle of life? The map is boring, you max out in 15 minutes and having nothing to do other than PVP.

Also the coloring of the map is nasty, bright greens and browns is icky.



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