What do you think Nelson should focus on?

  • Focus attention on both 3.x and 4.x
  • Focus attention on only 4.x

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I don’t really think that’s up for the community to decide. Besides, Nelson has already put most of his focus into 4.x. Most of the focus on 3.x is getting curated maps into the game, and a lot of the other stuff is diverted by a certain board made up by community members.



but yeah, he still should work on 3.0

i thought this was about discussing about unturned 4.x features and which one he should focus.


Nelson focuses on the features that are most immediately relevant and interesting. A discussion over that right now would be pointless, since no matter the outcome of that discussion it’s not going to be as important as making the game playable again (he still needs to redo animations, menus, etc., and tidy up more recent things like vehicles).

It’d make more sense after a beta was released to discuss that.

i know right, community doesn’t decide
i just see this post as “Hey i learned creating polls!”

Oh, yeah, the actual discussion here isn’t that unique either since it’s asked every month. :man_shrugging:

Nelson should fixes a lot of bugs in 3.x and put curated maps, that’s all.

I think he should focus on fixing the forum so that Unturned 4.x subforum is renamed to Unturned II



3.x is a shadow of its former self but I do think curated maps is a cool way of keeping it alive

I think making a free DLC for each curated (or official) maps instead of loading all at once would be a nice way to reduced overalls loading time.

But again, I wouldn’t know the real result.

just came here to say this topic is laughable lmao