What do you think

m thinking about printing my designe (will should i) whats youre opinion


priting it only for personal use-

you could sell this xd, people WOULD buy it XDXD

i dont whan end up in jail lol

how would you end up in jail? theres no way it’s illegal.

lol it totaly illegal to sell a tshirt withe unturned on it cus i dont own unturned … (Any business idea that uses someone else’s content without permission needs to be reviewed by a lawyer. There are a few legal paths they can guide you to. And they are on hand if you still get sued and have to defend your right to your product.) xd

Reproducing trademarked things without permission is illegal.

That said, this particular graphic is not trademarked by Nelson, so it’s kind of a grey area.


thats what I meant XD

nelson cant trademark the word, Unturned.

Well you just added a zombie to the “Supreme” logo, you could improve it a bit more. A “Supreme” hoodie using Unturned camouflage skins could look nice. Flexing out with a Harvest hoodie :sunglasses:

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explain it more i can work on it …

It’s pretty blank, adding more things than just a zombie would look better.

u meen the hoodie should be camouflaged


withe the unturned skins…?

It was just an example, but you get the idea.

nelson own the zombie charachter in the middle of dat box

if nelson owns that zombie character then take this for example, minecraft owns the block character model but pixel gun 3d used it, yet minecraft didnt sue them. Mind Blown

Quite easily could, but afaik SDG has zero trademarks atm.

  1. Nobody is under any obligation to sue people, but they most definitely could if they wanted. Sometimes corporations don’t care, sometimes they do, and usually it just depends. I believe Nelson may have sent a C&D before, against a hack client, but that could just be me remembering something someone suggested he do.
  2. Pixel Gun 3D has had to change most of their content, and even remove some of their content, due to copyright and trademark issues with Mojang.
  3. The Pixel Gun 3D character model is relatively different, to be honest. That’s mostly because they changed their original model due to copyright issues with Mojang/Minecraft though.

Bad example 'fam.


This man informed

oof maybe I should research more before I comment XD

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yeah you should.