What do you want to see in a Discord Bot? Subjects: Democracy, Moderation, Vetting, Automation, Roles, more

Title. I am drafting a comprehensive outline for a bot that will encompass every possible feature to make a Discord server objectively better.

From reducing the potential for moderators to abuse, to preventing admins from nuking the server, to letting members create votes where the outcomes of their votes are carried out automatically without the traditional manual admin enforcement. Paired with making the vetting (question and answer process to get in) easier.

Lots of things that will generally improve Discord in ways that Discord should already offer yet does not.

If you have ideas for something positive a bot could do, brainstorm away in the comments, I’d like to hear about it.

If you can code in Python and would like to contribute, DM Rainie#2672

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A bot that joins the server, randomly bans a user and leaves.
Repeat as long as necessary.

The way Discord is set up owners will always wield absolute power, not that that is a bad thing.


yes the good old feature where having an owner is a necessary evil.

reminds me of a time when a certain server voted to change the ownership of said discord and a certain dictator had a meltdown when everyone abandoned said server when a certain someone refused


@Effectism This individual you’re talking about did this in minecraft too except he ended up losing power, and ended up coping and seething.

microwave bot
heres how it works:


bot: please wait 3 minutes

3 actual minutes pass by

bot: you hot pockets are ready


What if I want pizza rolls?

Simple, just say what you want to cook after the !microwave command.

no, it just cooks hot pockets
nothing else
no more

what about !microwave [what you are microwaving]

!microwave steve harvey

bot: your steve harvey is ready

how much money are we talking?


ehhh, as much money as it costs to purchase a copy of Unturned on Steam.

no just hot pockets

>you do it for free

yes, free. lots of things are free.

No, nothing ever is. Free of charge, maybe.

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queue le epic request a commission for a discord bot for le betterment of society like wikipedia and firefighters


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