What does the community want in a map?

Hey all, I wish you a great Christmas & New Year! I would like to know what you guys want in a map - I’m working on a curated project right now and I suppose a refresher on what the community desires is good since I want to take your guy’s thoughts into consideration.

  • What do you guys think of boulders? I believe they are necessary in steep places but do they make the map look better and is there a serious performance detriment with them?

  • What do you guys want in the overall “map sprawl” - i.e. do you like lots of locations like in Russia or a more conservative approach where they are spread out like in Germany or even Greece?

  • What do you think about dead zones and how they lock away high tier loot by requiring gas masks? Are their any other ideas? - I’ve been thinking about underwater and/or tougher zombies as different forms of difficult locations.

  • How do you find the current loot system? Right now it seems - you spawn, go to farm, get crossbow/rifle, progress into city, then go to mili locations and load up. What ideas are their to combat this or make it more interesting?

these are just a few guidelines to this discussion, feel free to throw any other ideas in.


Boulders are pretty necessary, while they can cause bad performance is some areas they overall make the map so much nicer. But I wouldn’t use them excessively unless its a cliff or something.

for me, lots of locations. Because it lets you get more loot and there is less competition among players…unless that is what your going for.

higher level zombies in the dead-zones UNDERWATER ^-^

make melee and guns less common.

(other things) More military (maybe something like fallout 4’s checkpoints.) and Lore.

A map that makes raiding balanced. Like no LMGs and explosives are rare.

Gun rarity like the old canada map + distance to military locations with ranger loot serving as an “in-between” loot tier for civilian and military would be really nice to see.

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