What exactly does BE do to cheaters?

Its not very clear what Batteleye does, beyond that its a client-side Anticheat. When it bans people, does it use Hardware IDs? IP addresses? Does it only ban the steam account? As a server owner, I’d very much like to have a better understanding.

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According to MPGH, it’s a HWID ban, but some people only report HWID after being banned on multiple (two to three) accounts under same IP and HWIDs.


Isn’t HWID just like your MAC Address, which is attached to your mobo? If so, does that mean people could sell you a used mobo with a MAC Address that has multiple game bans?

Went to look up what HWID was and the 2nd result was a HWID spoofer, so I guess it isn’t very effective if it’s able to be changed so easily to evade a ban.

BattleEye monitors your system for intrusions into the game. It has the permissions to send any and all files from your PC to their servers (this is how they reotractivley ban, the intrusion is detceted but not flagged as “instant ban”, once they list gets update they just hand out ban to every client that code was found on).
BE is capable of HWID bans, that is sadly not implemented into 3.X

In essence, yes. Does not have to be (only) MoBo tho, can be more or less anything and everything in your system. Sometimes it is enough to change your boot drive to circumvent the HWID ban.

As basically any method of handing out bans there is always a way around it. If implemnetend properly HWID bans are one of the more pesky ways since for exmaple W10 does not like you balatanlty spoofing HWIDs.


Hold on a minute, why weren’t HWID bans implemented into 3.X? Also, I heard from another source that U3 uses a very outdated and badly made version of BE? Why is this?

I dunno my dude, you tell me

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