What forum hoster does Nelson use?

I’m just curious. What forum hoster or forum service does Nelson use for the Smartly Dressed Games forums? I am honestly curious at the moment. Because a bunch of people for a community I am a part of want to make a forum of their own.

It’s called Discourse.


Thanks, @RedCo. Made my day easier. This is why I like this forum.

Also, damn those prices are real expensive. $100 to $300 a month to host your own forum with Discourse. That’s a big yikes from me, to be honest.

Discourse is free and open source. It should probably be clarified that the pricing mentioned are for hosting plans, not the ability to use the software. The Discourse forum software is free, but using discourse.org as your host is not.

Similar idea to hosting game servers. Anyone can host an Unturned dedicated server, but not everyone self-hosts. Instead of self-hosting, someone might pay money to have it be hosted elsewhere. Depends on the needs, expertise, and competency of the clients/users. There’s far cheaper ways to host, so it’s a consideration of support tools and official integrations, plus setup and maintenance.


ok, what does the sdg forums use then

did you read

yes, molton said they’re only using discourse’s software, I’m asking where the physical machine is

0 Kelvin Burning Nelson’s Makeshift Rig w/ Killcounter

It’s either self host or cloud server.


ah yes, the smallest temperature that was never reached which if I recall correctly is approximatly -273,15°C or something like that.


Thanks for clarifying Molton.

he uses joe

I was about to say I am pretty sure he is using AWS. Instead of speculating I checked and lo and behold he is.

DeusExMachina is correct. The software is hosted on EC2, and the database in RDS. There are a few other misc AWS components like S3 and Cloudfront for images/videos shared here.


Oh, no. 0 kelvin is absolute zero. There is no single place in the known universe that is 0 kelvin.

Oh yeah thank you, I will correct my comment

Don’t worry about it. The lowest recorded natural temperature on Earth was around -89 C I believe. Scientists have gotten pretty close to absolute zero in a lab, but it’s theoretically impossible to reach artificially.


I will say it is possible, just really really hard, you need to get the atom to completly stop and not move which is pretty much impossible for us(right now), you will need to have a great precision with lasers and it’s only a 1 atom thing at a time

Well, my friends and I were just curious honestly. The software part and setting up a forum on discourse and getting EC2 and the database is out of my league and we (my friends) don’t have the resources to do so. I guess my friends and I will use a discord server as our “forum”.

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