What? Gold beret

It seems that they should issue a golden beret or not, I just don’t understand even

The Pre-Steam Veteran DLC that grants both crimson and gold berets could only be obtainable by using a Steam key to access the game prior the public release on July 7th 2014 or by having it granted by an SDG employee/Nelson.

HM pity it turns out

Permanent Gold Upgrade DLC =/= Pre-Steam Veteran DLC

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This thing should be in the list of games

What, the DLC ?

Yess or how it should look like

Pre-Steam Veteran DLC

You didn’t use a product key to get the game, the only way you could have it is by having one given to you.

how can i get

I literally just told you, as you didn’t initially used one to get the game only Nelson (and MoltonMontro?) could generate one and give to you.

no way to get the key?

No, unless you manage to find one thats still unclaimed and for sale (you won’t).
What even is this thread.


Sadly, those of us who played the release version online before it came to steam by following the link that was posted in the description of Deadzone don’t get to receive things like that lol but we do get to enjoy the amazing and awesome games that Nelson produces for thousands and thousands of hours, and that’s super worth it.

In order to get a key you must’ve had a premium account aswell, not by just playing the browser version. But if you played Unturned before it went out of early access you should have the rewards, so that’s something!

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